Garbage Disposals

High-Performance Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are the unsung hero of home maintenance. The underappreciated kitchen appliance simplifies mealtime cleanup and prevents rotten food scraps from stinking up your trash can. Best of all: Clogged sinks are no match for a powerful garbage disposal. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in West Chester, PA, for help with garbage disposal installation, repair, and replacement.

Affordable Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement

Does your sink keep clogging because of a shoddy garbage disposal that belongs in the garbage? Dispose of it, and we’ll provide a powerful upgrade. You need a replacement for your old, broken installation, and if you’ve never had a garbage disposal before—you’re missing out!

Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Maybe you’ve only had one garbage disposal in your kitchen for many years, and it has sentimental value to you now. That’s totally fine, but make sure you take good care of it! When ol’ reliable starts to break down, simply call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and we’ll repair it for you. No need to spend money on a replacement if a repair will do the trick.

Garbage Disposal Leaks

Over a lifetime of hard work, the garbage disposal pipes and the unit itself can leak. These foul-smelling leaks can ruin your kitchen, cause the unit to lose power, and ultimately lead to the inconvenience of a broken garbage disposal. We can fix garbage disposal leaks quickly and affordably, so call one of our experts for help.Plumber repairing a broken garbage disposal

Our PA Service Area Includes:

  • Chester County
  • Delaware County
  • Springfield, PA
  • Glen Mills, PA

We also serve many other communities located near the regions listed above. PA residents can turn to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for garbage disposal installation and repair services, well pump installation, sump pump installation, tub and shower replacements, toilet repair, and so much more.

Extend the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

If you’re going to start fresh with a brand new, upgraded garbage disposal installation, do everything you can to keep it working optimally. Below are a few tips for keeping your garbage disposal young and beautiful for the long-haul:

  • Edible garbage only
    Food is the only garbage you should dispose of down the drain. If you start throwing mainstream garbage into the sink, it’s going to destroy your plumbing, no matter how powerful the garbage disposal unit is.
  • Not all foods, though!

Stringy vegetables, bone-in meats, and eggshells are examples of foods that can damage your disposal unit. Anything too hard could damage the blades, and foods that are soft and flexible get stuck on the blades, preventing them from functioning correctly.

  • Just add water

Always run the faucet while using the garbage disposal. In fact, let some cold water flow down the drain for about 10 seconds before you flip the switch. This will prevent the unit from overheating and help the blades run through solid foods smoothly.

Follow these rules to avoid clogging your drain and breaking your unit. No need for repairs or replacement installations when you practice smart, routine maintenance.

Want to upgrade your garbage disposal? Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing!

We provide installation services, repair jobs, and advice for maintaining a flawless unit year-round. Do you live near Springfield, Glen Mills, Chester County, or Delaware County, PA? Give us a shout if you have any plumbing problems, or contact us to schedule an appointment.