Sewer Pipes

Sewer Pipe Services That Get the Job Done

When it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of your family’s home, many of us turn our attention to the features that we directly interact with, such as our faucets or toilet, often forgetting about the systems that are critical for the overall functioning of your home.

Essential to the functioning of your home, your sewer pipes are at the core of your plumbing system, making it all the more important for them to be in pristine condition. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in West Chester, our professional plumbers provide sewer pipe services that are first-class, with trained professionals who are versed in everything from everyday toilet repair to advanced sewer pipe services and maintenance. Whether you live in Chester County, Delaware County, PA, or any of the surrounding areas, you can count on our team.Plumbing contractor cleaning the sewer pipes of a home

Sewer Pipe Inspection and Maintenance

Since an emergency with your sewer pipe can be expensive and disrupt your daily life, many homeowners choose to keep their sewer pipes in top condition with regular sewer line inspections. Our seasoned plumbers utilize no-mess pipe camera technology to investigate your sewer pipes, making sure that they are secure, properly connected, and free of any potential blockages.

Sewer Pipe Repair and Installation

Did we mention that our sewer pipe services include installation and repair? If your sewer pipe is disconnected or damaged, our professional installation, replacement, and repair will take care of the issue. Because this will often involve digging up a small portion of your lawn to reach your sewer pipe, you cannot afford to trust this task to anyone except an expert equipped with the right technology. We ensure that your repair happens quickly and with as little mess as possible, ensuring that it is 100% correct the first time around.

Emergency Sewer Line Service

With a clogged sewer pipe, raw sewage can surge up into your tubs, sinks, and showers, which is horrifying, not to mention unsafe. Sewage contains salmonella, E.coli, and other hazardous pathogens. Our experienced plumbers can clear your sewer pipe blockage, regardless of how severe it might be. Our first step always involves locating the clog with one of our pipe cameras and getting rid of it with a no-mess cable clearing.

Common Signs of Sewer Pipe Problems

1) Sewage Backups and Blockages. This likely indicates deteriorating or broken pipe lines due to age, tree roots, or shifting soil.

2) Sewer Gas Odor. This is a clear red flag that there’s a crack in your pipes; typically, should be airtight without letting odors escape.

3) Mold. This often signals a cracked sewer pipe behind your wall, generating moisture and humidity for mold to grow and spread.

4) Extra Green Patches of Grass. Sewage contains nutrients that help grass and plants grow; a patch of extra-lush grass probably indicates a sewage leak beneath the earth.

5) Insect Infestation. Sewage does more than feed plants; it can also attract bugs and even rodents. If you have an insect infestation in certain areas of your home or yard, a problem with your sewer pipes may be at play.

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