Sewer Pumps & Grinders

Sewer pumps and grinders assist your sewer system in two separate ways. First, if your home uses a septic tank or is located downhill from the main sewer, sewer pumps send your sewage where it belongs. Second, the built-in grinder helps break down waste, reducing the risk of a main sewer line blockage.

Sewer Pump & Grinder Emergency Repair

If your sewer pump or grinder ever breaks down, the sewage will not reach your sewer or septic tank. Instead, the sewage will spill into your yard or your basement—yuck! In fact, a sewer pump failure can prove just as unsanitary and inconvenient as a main sewer line blockage. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to come out and address your sewer pump or grinder emergency — satisfaction guaranteed!

Sewer Pump & Grinder Installation

If you need a new sewer pump or grinder, we can come out to talk to you about your options and install your hardware on the spot. If your outdated sewer pump/grinder is glitching and proving to be unreliable, we can replace it with a reliable new model to ensure you never lose critical sewer pump service.

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