Water Treatment

Reach out to a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in West Chester, PA, water conditioning expert for water treatment solutions, so your family can enjoy a clean, pure glass of water straight from the tap — no matter what.

Water Conditioning to Remove Chlorine

Chlorine is an essential element that destroys pathogens in the public water supply, but you do not need it in your home water supply after it has completed its job for the public. Even the slightest hint of chlorine can ruin the taste of your family’s drinking water. Moreover, taking hot showers in chlorine-laden water is sure to dry out your beautiful skin and hair. Enhance your water with one of our advanced water conditioning solutions — your water will still be cleaned by chlorine before entering your home, but it won’t be in your drinking and bathing water.

Water Softening to Remedy Hard Water

Too many hard minerals will sully the taste of your drinking water, and showering in all those minerals will dry out your hair and skin. Hard water also severely reduces the lifespan of household appliances that it comes into contact with frequently. Contact us for water treatment solutions.

Water Conditioning to Improve Your Drinking Water

Why drink expensive bottled water when you can get the same quality straight from the tap? Our team installs a variety of water filters, including whole-house and sink-mounted filters, and widely-used Reverse Osmosis filters. With the help of one of our water conditioning systems, you can enjoy bottle-quality water straight from the sink!