Well Equipment Service

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing located in West Chester, PA is proud to provide our community with reliable and professional well services! In fact, we are one of the few plumbing companies to have well pump services and we guarantee customer satisfaction. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers installations, inspections, repairs, as well as replacements to homes in Newtown Square and all around the Delaware County, PA area. We understand the value of the well at your home, so let our team of professionals help you today.

Well Pump Services

The pump in your well is the most crucial part of the well’s structure. It is what brings the water from the bottom of the well and into your home. If the well pump is not working correctly, there will be no water for your house. Telltale signs that your well pump is acting up are the well pumping air, the well pumping sand, and incredibly high water bills. If any of these signs are occurring to you, it’s time to have a professional check it out. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing wants its clients’ homes to be as comfortable as possible. To make sure your well pump is working to its best capability, our professional team of technicians performs repairs, replacements, and installations of well pumps.

Well Water Inspection ServicesPlumbers installing a well pump system

Routine inspections of your well are essential to ensure that it operates properly. Not only that, but our well water inspection services can even protect the health of you and your family. By checking your water supply, we can discover issues that can pose significant risks. Not only should you get your water inspected annually with our well water inspection services, but you should keep your eye on it throughout the year to look for signs that it’s in need of repair or maintenance. 

Well Pressure Tanks & Pressure Switches

The pressure tank in your Chester County or Delaware County home oversees the water pressure, and the pressure switch sets off the well pump to provide water. If either of these two appliances are acting up, your home will be out of water. Some warning signs that you require maintenance are dissolved bubbles in water, or the pressure switch continuously turning on and off. The good news is, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers repairs and replacements for both pressure tanks and pressure switches. Well pump services don’t have to be a hassle. Our well service experts are here to help, so don’t be afraid to give us a call.

Well Water Filtration Services

Unfortunately, well water is known to require more filtration than water from other suppliers. The water you drink should be as healthy as possible! Some signs that your water needs better filtration are unusual taste, sulfur or chlorine smells, dirt or sediment in the water, and cloudy or foamy consistencies. If your water possesses any of these traits, a professional at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing needs to be contacted ASAP.

Even if it is the slightest change, it may be time for a water inspection. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides expert water filtration services for water wells as well. Well water is known to have higher levels of bacteria and harmful chemicals, so save yourself the trouble and have a water filtration service performed today.

Well pump services are not offered at every plumbing company, which is what makes Benjamin Franklin Plumbing so unique. Our team of expert technicians devotes their work to assuring quality services to its clients, even offering 24/7 emergency plumbing services. We proudly provide assistance to the Newtown Square, Chester County, and Delaware County areas of PA.

To learn more information about our well pump services or to schedule an appointment with a technician, contact us today!